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Champion's Circle Radio Programme Schedule

  Hi,  Welcome to Champion's Circle ! We are pleased and grateful for listening to Champion's Circle Radio. Champion's Circle Radio will begin scheduled programming soon.    PROGRAM SCHEDULE Mondays : Successful and Prosperity Messages, Audio Books and New Christian Hits. Tuesdays: Healing Streams (Messages and Songs). Wednesdays: Praise Messages, Foreign Praise and worship (R&B Gospel, Reggae, Rap, Pop etc.). Thursdays: Relationship, Marriage and Family Messages. Fridays: Holy Spirit, Divine Guidance, Destiny Messages, Chants and Spiritual Tongues. Saturdays: African and Nigerian Praise and Worship Sundays: Live Service, Prayer & Consecration Messages, Christian Instrumentals, Hymns, Gospel Jazz Music.

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Thank you listeners...

 Thank you Listeners for listening to: Champion's Circle Radio Champion's Circle Kids Radio Champion's Circle Bible Radio To all listeners of Champion's Circle Radios all over the world, we appreciate your listenership and support towards the futherance of this ministry.   Champion's Circle Radios has been heard in over 160 countries like; Nigeria Canada United States Philippines Ghana Libya Germany United Kingdom United Arab Emirates Kenya Uganda Zambia Cameroon Benin Italy South Africa India Ireland Brazil Spain Trinidad and Tobago Saudi Arabia Ivory Coast France Sierra Leone Togo Tanzania Niger Netherlands Taiwan Sudan Liberia Austria Solomon Islands Russia Greece Ethiopia China Australia Burkina Faso Ukraine Finland Mali Morocco Senegal Turkey DR Congo Norway Angola Mexico Bahamas Colombia Poland Pakistan Guyana Malta Egypt Guatemala Iran Gabon Malaysia Switzerland Slovakia Hungary Belgium Israel Japan Peru Mozambique Guinea Algeria Portugal Argentina Azerbaija


Hi, Welcome to Champion's Circle ! We have three stations online: Champion's Circle Radio   Champion's Circle Kids Radio Champion's Circle Bible Radio   We have a Podcast: Champion's Circle Podcast    Our Mission We have the mission to broadcast Jesus, reaching the world with His Gospel and for the advancement of the total man with scriptural and biblical content in various genre of music and preaching.    We do: *    Training and Setup. *    Radio Broadcasts. *    Audio Podcasts. *    Online Video Streaming.

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